Graham & Lisa Stevenson


Graham & Lisa Stevenson


It isn’t easy when you return to the UK after eighteen years in Africa, having built a house in a rural part of Arusha and being full-on working with the Maasai in a number of ways, including farming and self-help projects. You leave behind a fruitful place, landing back in the UK with no job, no home and unable to sell your house in Africa – and even if you do manage to sell it, how do you get the proceeds out without taking a heavy loss in the way of charges?

Graham visited Tanzania this past year and was encouraged by the warm reception from the folk there. He has links with the very popular Maasai Cow Project, which helps vulnerable women, and Forget Me Not sponsorship; both seemed to be doing well and brought further encouragement. There were opportunities for counselling and teaching about sexuality and marriage, and he has received invitations from schools to return in 2016/17 to give further talks.

Matters for prayer include the issue of the house and further opportunities to develop his counselling and teaching. We commend Graham to you.

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