Peter & Peggy Skinner

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Peter & Peggy Skinner


Here is another couple who continue to find fulfilment in serving the Lord. The book ministry that they manage from their home continues to prosper and a new translation has been just published. The Bible commentary for new believers, “Peter meets Jesus”, has been translated into Swahili and 2000 copies have been printed in Tanzania for the first time and are in the process of being distributed. A pastor in the Congo has also just printed 500 copies. This bookhas now been translated into 20 languages, five of which are spoken in Myanmar. It is such a blessing for people who for centuries have been starved of the privilege to have something aboutthe Lord in their own language.

With worldwide communication opportunities changing rapidly, their challenge is to find people whose skills equip them to use these new methods and take the mission forward. This year two new people joined the team, one from the Telugu speaking area in India and the other from Kenya. Both are handling their first print runs.

In the meantime they continue producing materials for new believers which are suitable for small group studies. The latest book "Signposts to Jesus", based on Luke 1–3, is now available.

On a more personal front they are now settled in their new home in Pensby, Wirral, their health appears to be holding up and their circle of friends has grown.

How to contact Peter Skinner:

Quail Books,
15 Fishers Lane,
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Tel: Mobile +44743 600 3395