Rob and Jean Hardie


Rob and Jean Hardie

Rob and Jean Hardie, Lydia Retreat, Portugal – Lydia Retreat is the result of the Lord’s prompting Rob and Jean to provide a place where people can visit and rest. The property is in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is an ideal location for rest and recuperation. It is no wonder that people from around the world who work in places that can be quite challenging flourish in the tranquillity of their beautiful garden and the surrounding countryside and beaches. Rob and Jean spent many years serving the Lord in Africa, as well as in church leadership in the UK, so they have lots of experience in the challenges of mission work outside their home culture.

Beautiful accommodation and beautiful surroundings are good, but when combined with the warmth and generous hearts of the Lord’s people the place becomes more than a Christian holiday spot. Their visitor’s book testifies to the gratitude of guests for the benefits and blessing derived from their stay. These remarks are a great encouragement.

For Rob and Jean the international flavour of their work is an inspiration, along with the growing international church in nearby Lagos to which they belong. Apart from the worship meetings, the church provides meals twice a week for the homeless and needy, with increasing numbers of local people helping.

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