The Beecher Family


The Beecher Family


Since moving back to Plymouth in the UK they have been through some genuine challenges in re-entering British life after so long overseas. The challenges, though, have been balanced by many blessings: provision of accommodation, schooling and friends for the children, and acceptance into the community of Mutley Baptist Church. After being back a year Aaron has taken a full-time job and they have been able to move into their own home. How faithful the Lord has been.

Tariro, their work in Mozambique, having flourished under their care, was taken on by a young couple from Australia. Unfortunately the lady became very ill and they had to return to Australia for treatment. They have decided to remain there. This placed a significant responsibility on the Mozambican team and on Aaron. Once more the Lord stepped in, and a USA mission to which some friends belong agreed to become major partners in running the centre, together with funding from existing supporters in the UK. Aaron hopes to continue visiting the work at least once a year.

This whole process has been challenging and disappointing for Aaron and Sarah. For them to pass on the responsibility speaks of their understanding that their identity is not solely in what they do, but in the one in whom they believe. They are His and the work is His – a lesson for us all!

They are now in the process of forming a new charity called iReachAfrica and are becoming increasingly involved in the church. Aaron is studying accountancy. Sarah is doing volunteer work in the church and in their daughter Tabita’s school.

What a story to tell and how it reveals the character of our God!

We ask you to stand with Aaron and Sarah, iReachAfrica and the whole team in Mozambique during this transition.

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