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Chris French

Chris was born in Yorkshire in 1944 and was converted to Christ in 1964. He attended Cliff College in 1966, finally settling in Leeds, the family home. He is married to Shirley; they have three daughters and a son, and five grandchildren.

Living in a part of Leeds with a dubious reputation, but also within five minutes walk of the university, has been excellent ground for experience in mission work. Today the church that he attends, Holborn Church, continues to see people from all over the world and from many religions turn to the Lord Jesus.

His duties for the mission include overseeing the day-to-day running of the office and travelling around the world visiting mission workers. His testimony is that it is a joy to serve Christ and His people, and to proclaim the wonderful news of Jesus the King of Kings.


David Vine

Dave is married to Ann and they have five children.

He has been involved in mission and local church all his life. His earliest memories are full of mission workers in his parents’ home and of their family’s deep commitment to their local church. He was aware of the Lord’s call on his life from his early teens.

For more than thirty years he has been involved in the leadership of a church in the Wirral, UK, which has a passion for overseas mission born from a prophetic word at its beginning. During the same period of time he worked as a full-time General Practitioner.

He took early retirement in 2009 and after four years of part time work he relinquished his license to practice and with it his role as Medical Director of Avail.

His time now is spent between pastoral ministry and having more time with Ann and his granddaughter!


Tom Patkai

Tom is married to Naomi and they have three grown-up children. Born in 1957 to Hungarian parents who had escaped to England from communist oppression, Tom grew up bilingual. He attended a multi-racial high school in London, where he had many foreign friends, and his interest in other cultures developed through his father’s extensive church work with people from all over the world.

He was saved at the age of 15 and immediately set his sights on serving God. Despite his eagerness in responding to the mission call at an Open Doors rally, his hope for personally working abroad was never realised. However, at university, where Tom became president of the Christian Union, and later as a church leader, his interest in people and love for God’s work found ample opportunities for expression. He continues to enjoy serving Hungarians in Britain in their own language and now working with Avail.

Tom lives in Exeter and currently runs an insurance risk-management consultancy business.


David Medlock

David is married to Yvonne; they have two children and six grandchildren.

David was involved in the planting of a church in Reading in the 1970s, when God was bringing many young people to salvation and fulness in the Holy Spirit. He was one of the elders in the church as it grew as well as being in full-time secular employment.

For a number of years he was principal of the Church Life School based in the church, with students coming from many parts of the world to study. This resulted in a number of overseas involvements.

In the mid-1990s he was released from responsibility in the local church to travel overseas to encourage mission workers and indigenous believers who had links with the home church in Reading.

In 2002 he joined the mission as a trustee and has continued to travel and encourage Christians around the world.

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