Core principles

Principle 1: We aim to honour and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by seeking and doing His will.

This principle governs all that we seek to do. In seeking to honour and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ we consider unity to be essential. For the trustees this unity is expressed in a deep commitment to and respect for each other’s integrity. It goes beyond mutual assent and requires us to discover the mind of God together. His word in our hearts is vital to us, as is recognising the equality of each trustee. When He speaks to one of us it will be discussed and considered to ensure there is agreement and purpose in everything we do.

We exercise faith in all aspects of what we do in ‘serving those who serve’. In striving for excellence we are passionate that everything should be done well. This may involve seeking the input of others more qualified than we are. We will at all costs avoid personal self-seeking or gain, adopting corporate business models to achieve success or being governed by worldly principles.

Principle 2: We want to assist churches by helping them provide practical and pastoral care in the support of mission workers.

In our understanding the local church has a unique role. To it is given the wonderful privilege of responsibility and care for the Lord’s people. We recognise that the local church should take the primary role in sending and supporting mission workers, and we seek to participate with it in facilitating the work of the mission worker.

Principle 3: We serve those in God’s work, recognising the uniqueness of their call while seeing the need for them to be accountable to key partners.

We respect the integrity of mission workers before God and encourage them to follow His call. We aim to give every support to such a call but recognise the need for accountability. This requires submissive hearts and the development of open, loving relationships. We believe this mutual respect is a true reflection of God’s heart.

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