Myrtle Martin


Myrtle Martin


Myrtle has a heart for Peru, but is unable to live there. Instead she visits at least twice a year and stays for at least three weeks each time. Love and respect speak volumes all over the world, and people recognise genuineness and sincerity. Myrtle has plenty of these, and though they may be natural traits they are enhanced by her love for the Lord Jesus. When working with people who have disabilities these characteristics are an even greater blessing, because such people are so often rejected and despised.

This last year the Mayor of Montero offered to pay the salary of an assistant for Myrtle. This was a great encouragement, a clear indication of a deepening of her acceptance, and a recognition of the work she has started.

There have been disappointments and struggles in regard to the development of the property, particularly with the legal paperwork and building plans. But some things carry more pain and hurt than rules and regulations, and they usually involve relationships. Myrtle has experienced these too, and known the pain that they bring; but in her own words, “Such things are eclipsed by the wonder of God’s amazing provision.”

She would appreciate our prayer for the legalities and plans to be sorted out so that she can get the builders in to develop the property, and also for a deepening of her links with the Baptist Church in Montero.

Very recently the trustees of Avail invited Myrtle to become a trustee. She has accepted and will no doubt bring her experience and empathy for people with her.

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