COVID-19 Appeal

Avail is hearing heartbreaking stories coming out of Africa and Asia about the effect that COVID-19 is having amongst all age groups. We haven’t yet heard from friends in Central and South America or the subcontinent of India.

Here in the UK, many are feeling the struggle and anxiety of lockdown. Imagine how it is for people who have lost their only source of income without a furlough scheme. No job followed by no food. In one country the first week of lockdown has brought some to the edge of starvation. You need government permission to get hospital treatment, but first you have to walk miles there and back; and even if you get permission you then have to walk to the hospital and hope the doctors and nurses are working, because they too have to walk to work.

Although some governments are giving out food aid, it is far from reaching everyone, and some people are facing starvation.

As a response, Avail is opening an appeal for financial help. Your money will be sent to people we know and trust who will be able to make sure that it goes directly to help those people most in need. Also, your donation will be free from expenses – no handling charge, and if we can claim Gift Aid we will forward that as well.

There are three ways you can give:

  1. By PayPal to ‘’. (Reference your surname / Covid)
  2. Direct bank transfer:

    Bank: HSBC Leeds

    Account name: AVAIL

    Sort code: 40 27 15

    Account number: 64650611

    Reference: Surname/Covid
  3. Write a cheque to ‘Avail’ and post it to Avail, 62, Holborn Approach, Leeds LS6 2PD.

For further information contact the office: Phone Chris on 0113 234 3013 or Esther on 07718 477457 or email