Bill and Angela Russell

Manna Publications UK

Bill and Angela live in the UK and work for Manna Publications. They are members of a small team of volunteers based in the UK and USA who produce bible commentaries in Easy English which can be downloaded free of charge from the website.

Manna provides funds for these 40-page booklets to be printed in developing countries where they are distributed at affordable prices. Any sales monies, after deduction of expenses of overseas publishers and distributors, are used to print more books. Arrangements are made for native speakers to translate the books into local languages which are then printed overseas and distributed where there is a need. 

Do retired people get bored or bitter? Not Bill and Angela. In them we see ‘treasure in jars of clay’.

They are designed as teaching materials for new believers and for group bible studies and are also suitable for personal use. 

New books are prepared and added to those available and agreement has been reached to include Manna books in Portuguese on a mobile app containing a library of text, audio and visual resources for use by pastors in East Africa.

The latest Manna newsletter can be found on the website.  Bill and Angela’s contact details are as follows

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