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Sponsor A Child

Pray for Mission Workers

Unique Ways to Help

What We Do

We require mission workers to submit regular prayer requests

We provide pastoral support

We offer presentations to churches to promote awareness of mission (upon request)

We are prepared to offer guidance on training for new mission workers  (upon request)

We offer advice on crisis management

We can provide practical management of financial gifts for mission workers

We support those wanting to serve part-time or in retirement

We support those who wish to serve whilst in secular employment in the UK or overseas

What We Don't Do

We don’t send mission workers, as we are not a sending mission

We don’t provide finances from mission funds on a regular basis

We don’t tell you what to do or set targets for you to achieve

We don’t support unrighteous or unbiblical behaviour

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It was all very simple, very obvious and very necessary, I didn’t have any prompting from the Lord or any thought or ambition about starting a mission. But seeing mission folk on the breadline I knew I needed to make their needs known. As the subject of support began to catch on, I very slowly realized the Lord was giving me the green light to start a mission.

Chris French, Founder of Avail

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of Faith

Your gifts to support Avail is greatly appreciated

It has been very encouraging to experience the amount of support received over the past few years. Please accept our thanks as the mission continues to be blessed.

We accept donations for individuals/families or for a project.

We also accept donations to be used for our expenses or for a need we know about.

We can receive donations via bank transfers, cheques, through PayPal and cash.