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Our Mission Workers

You’ll find our mission workers across a range of continents, climates and communities.

God’s call upon their lives is expressed in a remarkable variety of ways – whether it’s teaching farming, improving the lives of disabled children and their families, educating children, rehabilitating young people with drug or alcohol dependencies, pastoring churches, doing community projects, counselling, running cafes, training baristas, prison visiting, literature work and gospel outreach – or simply befriending people around them.  It is a pleasure to serve such amazing people.

How Avail Supports Mission Workers

Pastoral Care

to support you in serving


to make you known

Practical Help

in channelling donations

How We Help Churches

Avail lays great emphasis on the biblical importance of the local church which typically, as a home community of the mission worker, provides a sense of belonging and a natural support network.

We do not send mission workers as we believe that the biblical pattern is for this to be the responsibility of at least one supporting church. Our commitment to a mission worker aims to complement what the supporting church provides. We are pleased to recognise that many mission workers are also supported by families, friends or individuals.

It will be helpful for churches to appreciate the difference between the levels of membership (partners and associates) that we offer mission workers. This is available as a download under the Resources section.

Become an Associate

Offers limited support and is tailored to each situation.

Become a Partner

Makes available all of the mission’s facilities.

Meet Some Of Those Who Serve

Your gifts to support Avail is greatly appreciated

It has been very encouraging to experience the amount of support received over the past few years. Please accept our thanks as the mission continues to be blessed.

We accept donations for individuals/families or for a project.

We also accept donations to be used for our expenses or for a need we know about.

We can receive donations via bank transfers, cheques, through PayPal and cash.