Clem and Sylvia Fisher


For many years Clem and Sylvia pastored a Christian fellowship near Frankfurt am Main where Clem worked as an engineer until he took retirement. At the invitation of the Evangelical Alliance Magdeburg (EAM) they moved to Magdeburg in 2019 to further international Christian outreach in the city.

More than ten diverse local churches and several Christian organisations (e.g. YMCA and Student Mission) are affiliated with EAM where Clem serves in the leadership team.

A strategic venue for much of the work is the former Methodist Hall, renamed “Connect – Kirchen am Hassel”, in the nightlife area of the city.

Sylvia runs the multinational “Café Connect” with a team of volunteers. Serving at the café and mingling with visitors and regulars is challenging work, but Sylvia’s vivacious personality and the ambience they have created is a magnet for all kinds of people. The hall and other spaces are used for Sunday services, house-group gatherings, prayer, the café and other EAM events.

Clem and Sylvia are in their element and well-respected among the churches. But they’ve also seen spiritual opposition. Magdeburg was one of the first cities to embrace the reformation in the time of Martin Luther, but its more recent history under communist East Germany has left its mark. Some Christian mission workers have either quit or moved on over the years.

Clem and Sylvia long to see the Lord revisit this city through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They have made many good friends and know the Lord has called them on a new adventure. And they are not about to quit.

‘You’ll discover in Clem and Sylvia a modern Priscilla and Aquila – given for the gospel.’

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