Francis and Ursula Fitzsimons


Francis and Ursula have been living and working in central Mozambique since 1992 where they raised their three children.

They worked at Maforga Christian Mission up until 2009, and in 2010 they set up their own Mission Association called Passo a Passo (‘Step by Step’ ) in a beautiful rural area near Chimoio. 

They run a secondary school for about  650 students coming from the local communities. The school almost doubled in numbers in 2023 as they expanded the pupil intake to include Grades 11 and 12 (5th  and 6th year). It’s been a huge and demanding undertaking.  As numbers increase, so do the challenges. Please continue to pray. 

‘I came not to be served but to serve.’ Jesus’ words ring true for this humble and generous-hearted couple.

You get a sense of their hearts as they write: ‘We count it a privilege to have these young people in our school, even for a short time, in the hope that something shared in school assemblies, or some kind word or even the fact that they are not just a number, would encourage them to realize their true value’. 

Ursula teaches English in the school but also does weekly Bible studies with ladies from the neighbouring villages. They are also involved in church meetings, agriculture, helping widows, orphans, and the many who call on them for assistance. Francis also teaches at a Bible school and visits the local prison where they talk to the inmates, bringing them food and the Good News.  

They are blessed to be working alongside other dedicated missionaries. 

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