Margaret Beckett

UK & Tanzania

Margaret worked in a Christian NGO in Central Tanzania from 2006 until 2017, leading community literacy development. 

She worked in very rural areas where the majority culture is folk Islam. Margaret is a teacher and an effective communicator. Her engaging character, interest in other cultures and her respect for the people she worked with (not to mention her white hair which is a plus in Tanzania!), opened a wide door for sharing the gospel in various ways.

From 2017 until now she is working at the invitation of a group of churches known as ‘The Pentecostal Holiness Association Mission Tanzania’. 

She is now based primarily in her home in Cardiff, working technologically, with visits as the Lord provides opportunity.

She is especially concerned with churches in very rural areas, where there is great need for Bible teaching. Even buying a Bible in many villages is difficult due to the expense, particularly for young people.

God has clearly equipped Margaret– she’s learned to fit in and work in Tanzanian culture.

Suitable Bible teaching booklets for children and youth are really needed. 

Her main areas of work, agreed with church leaders, are: 

1) Training adults to undertake Bible teaching for children and young people.

2) Writing, e.g. Bibles studies based on the church’s statement of faith. 

3) In a supporting and enabling role for the development of a Bible School in Mlali in rural areas. 

Margaret works in the Tanzanian national language of Swahili. 

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

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