Prem and Indira Subedi


Prem and Indira Subedi have been working in Nepal for over 13 years. They were born and brought up in high caste Hindu families in Nepal and moved to the UK in 1998 for higher education and a better life. Through personal difficulties they faced at the time, God miraculously healed and saved them. After finishing their studies, including a year at All Nations Christian College, Hertfordshire, they both felt God was calling them to serve Him back in Nepal, so they moved back to Nepal in 2009.

Initially working for International Nepal Fellowship (INF), they are now mostly based in Sunsari district in east Nepal where they planted a church more than ten years ago. They support and encourage believers in other churches under their network, encouraging them to reach out through social work and community empowerment initiatives such as micro-finance for income generation, supporting people in health, agriculture, and education. These are all means to help people help themselves get out of the trap of absolute poverty.

God has given them a wide vision and big hearts for their people.

They have started ministry among persons with disability, and their relationship with local government in Chakraghatti has strengthened. In partnership with the local authority, they built a public toilet with wheelchair accessibility. A project like this seems a small thing in a western country, but it has become a testimony to their Christian faith as local people saw their real needs met.

There are plans for planting a church in Tanahun, a new district where Prem’s family members are living.

Contact Details

WhattsApp (text only): +447898789768

Email: [email protected]

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