Ray and Sylvia Skinner


It’s sometimes incomplete to describe people only by what they do, although in the case of Ray and Sylvia, they have seen fruitful ministry spanning many years in the Solomon Islands, Perth and now in Port Broughton (near Adelaide) where they  live. Instead, people’s quality and character is equally important, if not paramount. And character is often revealed in difficulty.

It’s possible to come across people for whom nothing ever goes wrong but for Ray and Sylvia this is far from true; they have had to deal with adversity upon adversity and we can testify to their amazing fortitude amidst them. They haven’t withdrawn from the Lord but are remaining in His peace, enjoying His steadfast love without a hint of blaming Him or others.

Ray and Sylvia are unwavering overcomers, standing ‘steadfast in the Lord’ – please pray for them.

Ray is regional lead pharmacist for a Health Network at a hospital in Port Pirie, serving an area the size of Wales, with 16 hospitals to support and several Residential Care Homes for the elderly.

Sylvia is a teacher in a Christian College and her authentic love of Christ has touched many. Kids (and not only little primary children) run to be in her classroom – not something you commonly see. They also serve in the Ministry Team at their church.

How do they describe their future? ‘We are not planning a reclusive retirement even though Port Broughton is very rural, almost remote. We wish to become available for what will likely be fresh full-time Christian ministry in so-called “retirement.”

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