Renildo and Anisa de Oliveira


Renildo and Anisa have previously served in Mozambique, Angola, and Zambia, so adapting to new cultures is not a new experience.  Recently they moved from Zambia, Anisa’s home country, to Brazil where Renildo comes from.  Surprisingly, this too is a cross-cultural venture because although it may seem like returning ‘home’ for Renildo, the place where they are now working (Fortaleza in the northeast of Brazil) is 5000 km from Renildo’s home and has a very different culture.  

After many years on the mission field both as individuals and as a couple, their ministry focus is member care.  They have seen first-hand the kinds of difficulties faced by missionaries and the need to be able to take time out and work through challenges.

Anisa has many years of experience in member care and recently they have both done training to equip them further. Their long-term vision is the development of a centre where those in full-time ministry can come and stay for a while to refresh, realign and restore. They already have the land and work has begun. Renildo has excellent practical skills, boundless energy, and an eye for what needs to be done, all of which are being put to good use. Their prayer is that God will use them to bring the kind of recuperation, renewed strength, and purpose that missionaries so often need to keep going.  

This is a couple committed to the vision God has given them, looking to him in faith, and not daunted by what seem to be impossibilities.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Phone & WhatsApp Renildo (text only): +5585994342576

Phone & WhatsApp Anisa (text only): +5585991287993

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