The Taylor Family


Basil and Karen live in Lusaka, Zambia with their three boys. They have been involved in cross cultural missions since 2010 having served in Kosovo, in the UK and now in their native Zambia. Basil was also born there although he has English ancestry.

Since arriving to Zambia in 2019, the Lord has redirected them many times. Their varied work now includes:

• Being partners of Quail Books (affiliated to Manna Publications), a ministry that produces and prints affordable, simple, easy English Bible commentaries in various languages that are ideal in areas where this kind of material is lacking.

• Presenting regular short 5-minute talks based on scripture, mainly via Facebook, to a growing audience as a means of encouragement to Christians and other interested listeners. Sometimes, the topics need further expansion in which case they do a mini-seriesor a “5min4Life double take” which lasts 10 minutes or less. Responses from listeners has been positive, many thanking them for presenting things in a clear way they haven’t heard before.

• Counselling with newly married couples, a work they want to develop

• Recently being asked by their church to head up a Bible School. They ask for pray that there would be clarity in direction as well as adequate provision

• Working with their community. For example, they were recently asked to officiate at a wedding vow renewal of a couple, church pastors, who had been married for 20 years

Basil and Karen have learned to be adaptable through many changes, including suffering ill health. But they are thankful for God’s leading and sense Him opening fresh opportunities

Contact Details

WhatsApp Basil (text only): +260 954 754 924

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp Karen (text only): +260 954 754 061

Email: [email protected]

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