Tom and Victorița Critchley

UK & Moldova

Tom and Victorița (Vica) first met in 2017 on a short-term mission trip in Moldova. After getting married, they moved to the village Cotiujenii Mari in northeast Moldova, where they were involved in evangelism with the local church. Using Tom’s skills as an electrician, they’d begun setting up their new home and enjoyed befriending neighbours and integrating into the community. Tom’s Romanian language skills had become better than passable, and things looked as if this would be their long-term home. But the erupting conflict in neighbouring Ukraine meant that in early 2022, Tom and Vica moved back to the UK making the long journey by car while Vica was heavily pregnant. Their son, Victor, was safely born. 

The ongoing unrest in Ukraine has meant that Tom and Vica have no plans to return for the foreseeable future but they are in regular contact with the church in the Cotiujenii. Meanwhile, their home in Moldova is used for worship services, and a sandwich panel building constructed in their garden last year has meant that church activities, including after-school clubs and outreach activities, can be held there. 

Now living in Liverpool, Tom and Vica have a keen interest in supporting the work of the Gospel in Cotiujenii Mari and the wider region of Soldanesti and are involved in projects that facilitate that. 

When they have free time they enjoy walking and making food together. Victorița is a keen reader and Tom likes his Sci-fi. 

In an uncertain world, pray that Tom and Vica will know God’s will for their future.

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