Honourably Wounded: Stress among Christian Workers

Marjory F. Foyle

ISBN 9781854245434

Honourably Wounded

Book Description

As a psychiatrist, medical doctor, and former missionary, Dr. Foyle provides insights and special help for the stress and pressures of full-time Christian service. It’s always been tough serving the Lord on the front lines, whether you’re an office worker, missionary, evangelist, doctor, or teacher. If you put your head above the parapet you will get shot at. Sometimes you will get hit. After initial chapters on the current challenges of Christian work around the world, and on the nature of stress itself, Dr. Foyle explores such topics as:

• Depression

• Occupational stress

• Interpersonal relationships

• Stress and children

• Burnout

This deeply practical, compassionate book was widely acclaimed when first released in 1987. This new edition is expanded and fully updated.

About the Author

Marjory Foyle was a general medical missionary in South Asia and experienced her own fair share of stressor exposure before training in psychiatry and returning to India. When she reached 60 years of age she embarked on a global travelling ministry conducting counselling and carefully noted psychiatric assessments. Her ground-breaking research, first presented in 1984, caused initial discomfort to some in missionary agencies but they were largely won over after the publication of the first edition of this book in 1987. The title was significant, restoring self-esteem to those who were genuine casualties but had been misunderstood, and I am very glad that the original title has been retained.

She also worked for thirty years as a medical missionary in India and Nepal, initially in general medicine and surgery, and for the last ten years as director of a leading Christian psychiatric center in India. She now has an itinerant ministry among the missionary community in more than forty countries.