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Abraham, who is Kenyan and Claire, from the UK, live in Liverpool with their two children, Lesley and Isaac. Abraham is the Coordinator for the Andrew Walls Centre for the Study of African and Asian Christianity at Liverpool Hope University. The centre is an invaluable resource for Christian history, thought and life in Africa, Asia and the Pacific region and also serves the general field of mission studies and mission history. This part-time post is ideally suited to the gifts and experience God has given him.

Claire is continuing her PhD studies on C S Lewis. Between them, they have worked in Uganda, Kenya and Ghana but first met in South Africa in 2004 when Claire, who was working with Wycliffe Bible Translators, joined Abraham on an MTh/PhD study programme in African Christianity. Through the mentorship of inspiring and Spirit-filled teachers, they realised that God was calling them to scholarship as a Christian vocation. They lived in Ghana for 12 years where both taught at the Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture (ACI). Abraham still teaches there alongside his work in the UK. 

Abraham and Claire have a real grasp of what God is doing worldwide and love networking with Christians from different countries.

The notion that academics live in ivory towers is immediately dispelled on meeting this engaging and gifted couple.

And when you begin to appreciate what they do, you realise that the so-called ‘frontline’ mission takes many forms. 

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