Sarah Ampumuza and Family


Sarah moved to Uganda in August 2011, having felt God’s call to the country during an Occupational Therapy internship which she completed there in 2008. She is passionate about helping children with disabilities and manages Dawn Children’s Centre, an inclusive Kindergarten and Primary School, oversees the volunteers programme, and has initiated a dance and drama programme with the children.

Sarah is a woman of courage and compassion, who has a deep love for the children she works with. 

Sarah is very creative, and the walls of the buildings at Dawn are adorned with her wonderful artwork.  She has written and illustrated a children’s book and  produced various stationery and clothing items which have been sold in support of her work. 

She is married to Michael, a Ugandan national, and they have two young children, Kimberly and Malakai. The children attend the inclusive school where Sarah works and it is Sarah’s delight to see them following in her footsteps in making loving friendships with children with additional needs.   

Sarah is a creative person with a love for children – a great combination of qualities

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: (text only) +256 704552409

Phone: (text only) +256 704552409

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