Bob and Joanne Eras

Canada & Central America

Bob and Joanne have been married 42 years and live in Barrie, Canada. They have five adult children and 14 grandchildren.

For eight years Bob was a police officer, later moving with the family to Jamaica to accept a post as a Community Development worker/missionary with Emmanuel International. On returning to Canada, he worked 19 years at the Honda automotive plant in Canada before retiring. 

While holidaying in Costa Rica, Bob and Joanne became friends at a church in Tamarindo which annually went on week-long mission trips to Nicaragua. They joined their team in 2016 and, except for the COVID interruption, have been going since.

In their home church, Bob is the worship team leader and excels in “hands-on” problem-solving tasks.  Joanne is involved in ladies’ ministry and Sunday school.

In January 2023, Bob led a five-man team to build two homes in Leon, Nicaragua. Collaborating there with his pastor friend they were able to share testimonies with music. Extending their journey southwards, they visited the barrio of Cristo Rey where Joanne and Bob sponsor two children attending the Jehovah Jireh Christian school. The director and Bob have been friends for some years and are planning an agricultural programme for the students.

Once you’ve got others less fortunate than you in your heart, it’s difficult to stop caring. And retirement for Bob and Joanne is an opportunity for doing just that.          

’ Whatever your hands find to do, do it heartily’  (Ecclesiastes 19:10).  Here’s a couple that embody that.    

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