Martin Nordling


Martin is the administrator for a mission in Stockholm, Sweden. He is part of a small team working under an experienced couple and has become a valuable team asset.

Others know him for his good memory and, being older than many of the group, he brings stability and wider experience. He also has a pastoral heart and is anencouragement the younger members in their walk with the Lord.

Martin has valuable gifts in ‘helping’ and ‘administration’. Many tend to run away from preparing rotas, organising team sessions and generally making things run smoothly but this is where Martin is recognised for his care and attention. However, Martin does not see his main calling in administration and has initiated and contributed to several other key areas which the mission is developing.

The aim of moving to Stockholm was to expand the vision of the mission and to engage with the government as well as the wider community. Their work in Stockholm is in a developing phase, and some of what they have done in the past may take off in Stockholm – evangelism, youth work, Bible teaching. A new arts ministry has already started and no doubt there will be other things the Lord has in store for him and the team he works with.

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Email: [email protected]

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