Myrtle Martin

UK & Peru

Myrtle has been working with people with disabilities in Montero, north Peru since 2009. She heard God’s call to the area while on an extended holiday in the region.

Pioneering work isn’t easy, and Myrtle has had setbacks. And many blessings! She has linked with the local Baptist church which is hard for the Catholic population to understand. But love and consistency have formed good foundations and gradually the work of Myrtle’s organisation, Runaperu, has gained the trust of the township.

Myrtle is based in England, visiting her team in Montero two to three times a year.

From the UK she was able to oversee the development of a purpose-built day centre and physiotherapy clinic for people with disabilities and those needing physiotherapy. Myrtle mostly enjoys visiting people in the communities who can’t get into town.

In March 2020 Peru closed its borders due to the pandemic. This period coincided with many personal challenges for Myrtle, including family illness and loss. Remarkably the work of Runaperu during this time expanded into a new town, Santo Domingo. The township has welcomed the physiotherapy support that Runaperu provide and given them a shared space in which to work.

Meanwhile, in Montero they are on the point of building the first-floor level of their disability centre to provide accommodation and space to rent out for some local income.

They have seen several people make commitments to follow Jesus this year and pray that they will be firmly rooted in their new faith.

“A quiet harvest from seeds sown in out of the way places.”

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