Penny Elliott

UK & Tanzania

Penny went to Tanzania in 2001 originally to work with one local pastor, teaching Sunday school teachers and their children in the churches he was associated with.   

In 2003 she began working with Scripture Union as a trainer of Sunday school teachers and volunteers in Dar Es Salaam and other areas of Tanzania. As well as teaching, she visited many churches to share about Scripture Union ministries and to sell their Kiswahili and English versions of Bible reading notes. She has received many invitations to share about the importance of children in church, all around Tanzania.

Using mostly Kiswahili and a small amount of other Tanzanian languages, it is amazing how she built such good relationships with neighbours, volunteers, Sunday school teachers, and pastors, as well as those whom she regularly met in the shops near her house. 

In 2021 Penny had to return to the UK for medical reasons. The after-effect of her illness has meant she hasn’t been as involved as she’d hoped in writing daily reading notes in Kiswahili, as well as communicating and supporting the Tanzanian teachers in teaching, encouragement, and helping with resources. She still communicates with Scripture Union members across Tanzania and, where she can, finds time to support the wonderful pastor and his wife in the church she attended in Kimara, Dar Es Salaam. 

Penny hopes to return to designing and writing the daily notes and is planning a trip to Tanzania to say an official goodbye to Scripture Union and discuss any further ways of helping the Scripture Union volunteers. 

‘Penny is one of those quiet stalwarts who never thinks much of herself. Yet her unstinting commitment to serve the Lord and His people shines all the more.’

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Email: [email protected]

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