Steve and Anne Street


Steve and Anne have been on the mission field for 38 years. Steve was a chemistry teacher at an International School in Moshi where their three sons were educated. While Steve was teaching Anne, never a lady of leisure, gave herself to pastoral care work with the very poorest people, first with the Chagga tribe and then, elsewhere, with the Maasai as well. She taught them the Bible as well as help with their many physical needs. 

Steve has always supported Anne and even after retiring, joined her in the many opportunities that arose in local churches, preaching and teaching the gospel. 

Their home has always been an oasis for fellow missionaries arriving for periods of rest and recuperation, a place too where they could discuss and pray through the issues that missionaries face. But people of all faiths found the path to the Street’s home as well as marginalised or neglected local Tanzanians. You may wonder how those earlier, energetic days have changed. What now? 

You wouldn’t have noticed that they’ve aged were it not for Steve being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Living with the effects this brings, he has remained a stoic servant of the Lord and, despite finding the loss of close friends very painful, remains constant. Anne, too, has faced serious health issues but has miraculously come through them. Unable to visit churches as they used to, the Lord ensures that this faithful and welcoming couple continues to witness by bringing an ever-flowing stream of souls to their home. 

A couple who are streams in the desert for many needing refreshment

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