Steve Pegg

UK & The Philippines

Mission has been a very significant part of Steve and Joy’s lives, as they served the Lord in South East Asia in their early years together. Later in life they became involved in a work in the Philippines, mainly helping with the House of Prayer ministry.

After several very serious episodes of tropical diseases it became unwise for Joy to return. Steve began to make to short term visits, where his life and experience has been appreciated.

Typically, this ministry covers teaching at cell group meetings and taking part in leaders’ meetings when cell leaders gather with Tim and his wife Bambi. A lot of Steve’s time is spent counselling and praying with friends who value him as a mentor. In a rapidly growing church there are always new members to meet and talk with.

They have both experienced a lot of challenges and difficulties over their many years of service but they have also proved the goodness of God who has kept them in spite of everything.

Despite, or maybe because of, Tim and Steve’s very different church backgrounds, they enjoy a rare bond of love and fellowship and can seek God openly together regarding goals and strategies for the fellowship. Steve is a welcome guest whenever it is possible to visit.

Steve in an example of the benefit of short-term mission visits.

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