Funding the Family Business: The Handbook for Raising Personal Support

Myles Wilson

ISBN 9780955332005

funding the family business

Book Description

If you are raising financial support from your own network of contacts to allow you to fulfil a call of God on your life into some form of Christian ministry, then this book is for you.

It looks at the biblical principles of giving and receiving, the stages of the giving process, considers the pitfalls and barriers to financial support raising and gives practical suggestions on how to overcome them. With downloadable exercises to help you get practical, the book contains all you need to get you started. 

Designed as an easy-to-carry workbook, it is packed with stories, insight and teaching that will inspire, inform and guide you in your ministry journey. Thousands of Christian Workers have benefited from the book since its first publication in 2006 and subsequent revision in 2011.

About the Author

Myles Wilson is passionate about helping connect givers and receivers in God’s family. As a young boy, he grew up in a family of compulsive givers. His parents had a very modest lifestyle, but still committed everything they had to God. The result was a lifestyle of blessing others – supporting families in need, missionaries in far-off lands and people involved in Christian work.

When in 1974, with is wife, they chose to join Agape, known then as Campus Crusade for Christ, he found himself in a foreign environment – one where he was the recipient, not the giver. Finding this emotionally difficult, he embarked on a quest to discover what the Bible had to about giving and receiving. The revelations he received helped him to see support raising in a whole new light. It wasn’t just about getting the money they needed to do what God was calling them to do. It was about God’s children working together, each dependent on the others, to see Gods’ plan fulfilled in the lives not only of the givers and receivers, but in the lives of those who were still outside the family.

Myles and Phyllis went on to work with Agape for 17 years, both in Ireland and at Agape European office in Germany, eventually leaving in 1991. Today, Funding the Family Business is the ministry that now sees them working with a wide range of mission agencies and Christian organisations, with a special emphasis on training people in raising personal support. They are members of King’s Fellowship Church in Bangor, Northern Ireland.