The New Lion Handbook: The World’s Religions

Christopher Partridge

ISBN 9780745952666

The World's Religions

Book Description

This long established and highly regarded reference work on the Lion list is now available in a popular flexiback format. With expert authorship, this book draws on a team of over 80 contributors, including twelve eminent consulting editors, representing a wide international spectrum from UK, USA, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Japan and Australia. The text includes ‘insider’ articles on each of the major faiths, written by a practising member of each of the faiths featured; sections on understanding religion; religions of antiquity; and indigenous religions; and a final section on key developments in the modern world such as the emergence of new religions an alternative therapies.

About the Author

Dr Christopher Hugh Partridge is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Lancaster, Lancashire, England.

Partridge (born 1961) is an author, editor, professor, and founding Co-director of the Centre for the Study of Religion and Popular Culture. According to Gordon Lynch, Partridge is a leading scholar of topics in popular culture.